France Women's Beauty Secrets

France-women's Beauty Secrets many reasons that makes the books written about the women of France and their eating habits, the secret of her lifestyle and habits to care for their skin. According to Paula Jove, editor of the fashion in the Sydney Morning Herald, there are two reasons that affects many women in caring for her beauty. First, the lack of social and media pressure on women Beauty Paris and secondly, the art of arranging and moderating. "Beauty Women France do this on all things," he said. "do little but routine."

Article: Beautiful resolution 2015 for women

The reason so many books that deal with the beauty of the women of France not because they are necessarily true but because they do it differently. Regarding the age of adulthood, adults France applies the matrix better than others. Juliette Binoche remember back, Marion Cotillard, Catherine Deneuve and Ines De La Fresange. We never saw France actress posed wearing a bikini in the magazine. We see beauty women France-actress actress playing movies with roles that are written in accordance with their age. There is no emphasis on age at all.

Beauty Women are also encouraged to France thanks to their birthday, while the majority of people around the world trying not to blow out the candles on his birthday cake. Unlike in other countries, such as Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and France are not obsessed with a young age and all things new. They are more likely to be old and interesting.

According to Jove, France women don't like to look back, they did not continue to remember has ever done and learn from a young age, something they can't do. While many women in other parts of the world ran a 10 km or measure the body in front of the bathroom mirror, the women of France will be sitting at a café and enjoy a glass of wine.

It does not mean they have no rituals or beliefs. On the contrary, says Jove in the article published on the website of the Sydney Morning Herald Edition of July 11, 2013, beauty woman France describe themselves as normal as taking a coffee. The difference is they are experts in terms of consistency. They consume nothing but not too much. They don't have to go to the gym because they have to walk everywhere.

The use of moisturizers, facial and do consume supplements started from the beginning. Shows some skin but not excessive. Use make up, consume coffee, wine, eat cheese but never eat between two meals. If you look at smoking Lady France, perhaps it is an example of the best balance in the world.

Teenage girls in France are encouraged to be different with his mother. France people have little patience for similarity. The idea that everyone wearing the same thing or liked the same thing assessed annoying. Instead they support uniqueness. They believe that for beauty it older woman becomes interesting is with the experience of his life. In France, the age is a mystery and appeal.

Jove citing statements of his sister who lived in France, France women's Beauty "did a lot of things wrong but values embraced in an age of truly brilliant. The transition from Mademoiselle to be Madame is not great, it's just the other day and really, it should be so. "

Note For France's Muslim Women:

We think there is no wife who willingly, if knew her husband was fascinated with the other women kencantikan. Of course a wife will be jealous of if indeed it is still soft at heart. Therefore the women are willing, if not your husband (later) was fascinated by the beauty of other women, naturally fair if now the women keep the beauty of the ' Awrah and covering it with perfectly match the teachings of Islam.

If the woman does not want her husband would see the beauty of other women's Awrah is, then he should also keep her body and cover it so that someone else's husband is also not impressed by the nakedness of her beauty are not halal. Be aware of the beautiful woman, surely you did not willingly, if your husband is by your side, and then imagine beauty women the other.

Be aware o the beautiful woman. With the nakedness and the open beauty is certain men will be merlirik and even charmed and terbawa-bawa his mind. The woman was the largest libel for men.

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